The Middle Zone (70-90)

It haunts us. It’s almost indescribable but you know the feeling. Described as anxiety, lack of focus, restlessness, or the time when you act like a person you aren’t. It doesn’t happen when you’re blood sugar’s high. It doesn’t happen when you’re blood sugar’s low. It strikes when your blood sugar is in the twilight zone: 70-90.

We know the signs of being high – foggy eyes, agitation, thirst, etc. We know the signs of being low – nonsensical hunger, dizziness, fatigue, etc. In the twilight zone, it’s really hard to recognize any signs. It isn’t a physical sensation except for perhaps a faster heart rate. Particularly, it’s purely mental, the inability to control your thoughts. Allow a monk on a mountainside in Tibet thirty minutes in the middle zone and he’ll never be the same.

Here’s my most common experience in the middle zone – I’m pretty tired and jump in bed. I expect to pass out pretty quick. I do some reading but the eyes don’t want to close. I rationalize it as my mind being into the book. Now the lights are turned off and I lay my head to the pillow. Two hours later I’m still awake, having just played out in my mind all of my biggest fears. I head downstairs, test the sugar, 77!

Know what we’re talking about? Feel free to share your own experience below!

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