The Weekend Workout

Yoga is back. YouTube is THE resource for yoga on the internet–many teachers with so many styles. To make a wide-sweeping, not all that educated generalization, I see two different ways to practice:

1) Classic – This is your flow-based, Vinyasa style. Based on a traditional pose oriented routine. Think Sun Salutations.
2) Workout – This is the new age. Without a care about peace and mindfulness. Savasana what? Sweat and fatigue are the primary goals here.

Each has their own place for different motivations. Ali Kasmanova does a solid job of merging the two arenas with a physically demanding but conscious practice.

Enjoy this 30 minute during a weekend afternoon or in the morning before work! Given the 30 minute interval, I find that this will lower blood sugar but not too harshly. I am comfortable removing the pump, lowering the basal rate, or keeping it attached at a full basal.

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