The World Cup of Beer

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I love me some US Men’s National Team Soccer. My membership application to the American Outlaws has been submitted.

When the US played Portugal last weekend, I made the most of the experience. Skinny Slim’s, an OKC outdoor pub, hosted a watch party with beer trucks supplying the lubrication for the crowd. While I wasn’t getting drowned in the beer throwing after each goal, I two craft beers over the three hours we were there. Combine that with the couple of beers consumed the previous evening at a buddy’s wedding, and the layman could predict a lower than average blood sugar.

Indeed it did. I had one low below 70 throughout the next 24 hours but take a look at the cover picture to see how my insulin needs decreased substantially from 40 units to 28 units in two days. It’s good to be aware of the effects of alcohol. Always listen to the body. We must always respect the effects that alcohol has on the management of this disease.

**Diabetes Daily Grind does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages, especially in excess. Although, The American Diabetes Association cites research showing that moderate alcohol consumption has little effect on blood sugar. If you have diabetes, practice caution and always wear an I.D. that notes your diagnosis.**

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