Tips On How To Handle The Oh Sh*T Diabetes Moments When Traveling

Oh No

The DDG has been all over the map in the past year and documented a few less than desirable moments to say the least. As I embarked on my journey to Hawaii, I was not prepared for life’s little hiccups. I’m sharing a few scenarios and how I handled the “Oh Sh*t” diabetes moments while on the road.

  • You get carsick because your friend and DDG partner in crime thinks he’s speed racer.
      • TIP: Feel free to curse at him (a slight punch in the arm is acceptable), burp out loud and chug some water. Should you need to throw up, you might consider doing so in your driver’s lap.

  • Your BG is at a constant high after an eventful hike or outing. I’m fully aware that stress and adrenaline are probably the culprit.
    • TIP: Consume plenty of water, keep an eye on your BG for the next couple of hours and do your best not to overcorrect.
  • Once the plane has departed you realize you’ve packed the wrong medication.
    • TIP: Take a deep breath. Unless you’re traveling overseas, all prescriptions can be easily transferred and I’m willing to bet the airline would let you contact your pharmacy while in the air. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • You’re involved in the epic FALL of 2015 while hiking and bust a bottle of insulin.
    • TIP: This may or may not have happened, but again – your pharmacy will understand.

Bamboo Forest

  • The airline does not accommodate your diet during a long flight.
    • TIP: PACK SNACKS. I harp on a regular basis as to how important this is!!!  You can survive off of nuts & berries for a few hours should you have to. Worse case scenario – chat with the airline attendant to see if there is anything they can do, beg the person crammed next to you to share their granola bar or steal from a kid.

As I returned home this morning, I recall all of these scenarios and are able to laugh, but that is only because I’ve had time to let things go. I can only speak for myself, but as a T1D I constantly beat myself up or curse the world for the “Oh Sh*t” moments, but while in Hawaii I started a new mediation. I will share more about it in a future post, but in a nutshell – everyone faces challenges and it is up to YOU as to how you want to respond. I choose to stay optimistic and know that nausea, fear and mild starvation are only a blimp on my timeline. In years to come, I’ll recall these moments and will continue to laugh at myself and the Universe’s warped sense of humor.

The DDG would love to hear your travel debacles so shoot us a message in the comment box below or hit us up via Twitter or Facebook.

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