To Surf, Or Not To Surf, With My Pump

surfing with type 1 diabetes

I hope Medtronic doesn’t read this post. Why? I think I’m going to surf with my pump attached this summer.

The story starts back with a New Year’s Resolution. Upon waking on the first day of 2015, I knew I had to surf this year. Not sure why. Didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I could feel the ambition. It was a true one. Now 6 months later, I’m kicking it in Hawaii with no agenda… but to surf. That’s it.

The board and I got in the water for the first time yesterday. As I stood there ready on the beach, I looked down and saw my tubing. In less than 30 seconds, I knew that I had to take it into the water. Well, had probably isn’t the best description of the choice, but a choice was made. The car was a long walk back. I wanted to keep the sugar in a good range. The beach was pretty crowded with limited shrubs for hiding. I had no flip flops or shirt to disguise it under. I’m, after all, on an island pretty far away from backup resources, like a spare pump.

So, I went into the water with it. On my first day out, I just wanted it with me, taking the risk of water damage. I already knew that the CGM sensor would be fine. Plus, I just got a new pump. The odds of this one having a crack are pretty low, limiting water-damage risk.

Nevertheless, as I sat there on the shore after an hour in the water, my heart rate climbed as I pulled the pump out of my board shorts pocket. The screen still showed the time. It still vibrated. I exhaled.

Will I take it with me every time? Probably not. One can only test a manufacturer’s warranty so many times.

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