Top 5 Craziest Things We’ve Consumed When Low

Top 5 Craziest Low Blood Sugar Foods

Low blood sugar makes people crazy. Even normal people understand this concept of being “hangry”. When there is no standard, low BG relief available (Gatorade, granola bars, OJ), the hunter-gatherer in us appears.

Here’s the list of the Top 5 Craziest Foods ever consumed while low by The Grind:

5) Saltine crackers with packets of honey
– Immediate carbs consumed after a night of shenanigans, found in an empty pantry. Next day results were a wicked headache

4) Drinking maple syrup straight out of the bottle
– While stumbling and rummaging around a college house party, this turned up as the best option to boost the blood.

3) Eating molasses with a spoon
– Bitter, dark, horrible, but incredibly effective.

2) Stale, potentially moldy bread, tortillas, crackers, and other normally crispy carbs found in the back of cabinets.

1) Frozen taquitos consumed while completely unconscious
– When I was about 12 years old, my dad found me roaming the front yard with the still frozen Mexican dish. Turns out that was the result of using expired test strips that kept giving above 250 mg/dL readings. Therefore, I kept taking more insulin.

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