Tuesday Topic: 29 Things Only a Person with Diabetes Would Understand

chic getting a shotWe recently came across an article by Healthline.com that had us both laughing and crying.  CLICK HERE to read the article.  It is so nice to know that others get it and can join us in laughing about the daily struggles of living with this disease.

We are particularly fond of the following:

  • #2 – You have an entire drawer, dresser or, or closet devoted to diabetes supplies.
  • #7 – Your fingers appear to spell something in braille.
  • #10 – You should test your blood sugar six times a day, but insurance only approved you for one strip a week.
  • #17 – You find used test strips in your refrigerator, but don’t know how they got there.
  • #29 – To lick or to wipe?  That is the question.  (I never knew that licking was an option until I met Ryan).

The Grind has created a few additions to this list.  Hope you enjoy.

  • #30 – You had to kick a diet soda addiction, along with the rest of your family because they felt guilty for your sugar intolerance.
  • #31 – You bring in your own pricker to the doctor’s office to avoid the jack-hammer like device they use for your A1C test.
  • #32 – You refuse to let anyone in the medical world give you a shot.
  • #33 – You grade your life on the opposite point scale you have grown up with (100% = A+/success, A1C = the lower the better).
  • #34 – You can tell your blood sugar by the looking in mirror.

The DDG would love to hear any additions you might have to this list.

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