Could The State Fair Be One Of The Unhealthiest Places On Earth?

State Fair2

Last year, the DDG rolled out a post, 5 Disturbing Diabetes Observations From The State Fair, where we shared a few common observations. Fried gummy bears, sweet tea by the jug and more hotdog stands than healthy people. Well, I sucked it up and ventured back to this land of all things unhealthy to see if 2015 was a better year on the State Fair front. I went in somewhat skeptical, but with a glimpse of hope…

My mother and I headed out on a Tuesday morning with a short list of things we wanted to see.

  • Stroll the Arts & Crafts Expedition
  • Locate a friend’s tree and landscaping booth
  • Visit the Beer Garden (this was more my idea than hers)

As we attempted to navigate our way to the arts & crafts building, I shared my thoughts on what poor choices the fair was offering their guests. It was like ground hog’s day circling the fair grounds. Every aisle or whatever you call it had at least 10 fried options (gummy bears, ice cream, cookie dough and even butter), sweet tea, Pina Coladas, hot dogs, corn dogs BBQ, cheap – oversized beer cans and turkey legs the size of small child.

State Fair

We found the arts & crafts building and moseyed around it and a few other areas before our hunger set in. We knew the options and it wasn’t looking good. I was hopeful the beer garden might have a healthier option. Ironic, right? We hit the jackpot! I ordered a wheat beer (mom), an IPA and a mediterranean plate (hummus, goat cheese, olive tapenade and toast points). This was enough to hold us over until we could return to the land of healthier options beyond the fairgrounds.

During our four hours at the fair, I didn’t see one food stand that offered anything I could/would eat. Is it too much to ask for options like veggie kabobs, freshly sliced watermelon, maybe a little curry or even deep friend tofu? I’m doubt they would be the $$$ making food stand, but I’ld sure as hell market them and feel confident, so would the folks who want to attend the State Fair without having to pack their own lunch.

Final 2015 Observation – The common theme for the exhibition buildings centered around slinging bamboo sheets, glittery crosses, hot tubs and candles. What if there was a health and wellness section? It could feature diabetes screenings; literature on healthier choices and planting your own garden; and sell supplements and yoga mats. I have to believe this is in my future…

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