Tuesday Topic: Do Diabetics Ever Really Get A Vacation?

vacation gone wrong

As a T1D who loves to travel, I was recently reminded how diabetes is a part of every waking moment of my life before heading South for my birthday extravaganza. Most folks just throw clothes in a bag, grab some cash and hit the road. That is NOT the case for a person living with Type 1 diabetes. I’m a planner so the diabetes related thoughts start flooding my consciousness about a week or so prior to leaving.

      • Do I have enough insulin?
      • Should I pack extra needles?

      • How many test strips do I have and will insurance let me order more?
      • What healthy snacks and emergency reserves should I pack for the car?

About two weeks before heading out of town I contacted the pharmacy about test strips. Four phone calls later, I’ve transferred my prescription and insurance has denied my refill. SOB!  I quickly remind myself – I’m not leaving the country so NO need to worry.

Upon Ryan’s recent return home from hitting the slopes, we laughed about his “holy shit” moment when he was almost snowed in with little to no insulin. I’ll let him share his story, but these adventures made me realize that having diabetes takes on a whole new level of planning when I am lucky enough to take a vacation.

The DDG is all about sharing real life experiences so I would LOVE to hear about your traveling tips and debacles. I can always use a good laugh and who knows, maybe your advice can save a fellow PWD from some unnecessary stress.

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