Fear of Uncharted Territory Lingers As I Consider A New T1D Regimen

Jumping With Balloons

A recent series of events has me looking at life a bit differently. Nothing dramatic, but when considering a few big decisions I began to weigh the options. Fear crept in and so did a need for uncharted territories. As I’m still pondering my final decision, it made me think – there are two types of people on this earth in which I’ve broken into different categories:

  1. Balls Out – The person who doesn’t think twice or look back before jumping off a cliff.
  2. Fear Factor – The person who must calculate a few things = test the water, nearest exit point, wind speed and BG level before even considering the jump.

This discovery forced me to dive into my psyche to determine which category I fell in to. I’ve been the Balls Out person in my professional life, travel choices and culinary creations, but my diabetes regimen isn’t included on my list of risky adventures. I’ve only changed my treatment once – switching from NPH & Regular to Lantus and Novolog. It wasn’t until a year or so ago, and a HUGE discount at the pharmacy, that I switched to using the Lantus pen over syringes.

In looking back at my diabetes regimen and control, I’ve never felt compelled to change. I’ve had a solid system that works for my body, but often wonder what life be like with the pump or CGM for that matter. Why is this the case? What do I have to lose, other than my life, from trying something new on the diabetes front? After months of toying with the idea, I reached out to my CDE and hope to do a Dexcom blind trial soon.

At the end of the day, maybe I should consider a third category. This person does the necessary research, but puts her/his trust in the advancements in technology. Witty title for this category of a person and a follow up report on the Dexcom trial coming soon.

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