Tuesday Topic: Health Tips My Ass


Not long ago, I changed my medical insurance plan because ONE of my doctors did not accept my existing package. Four hours later and an increase of $70 a month – my policy changed. While spending hours on the site, I opted to receive weekly health tips for “diabetics“.  I’ve enjoyed the tips because it gives me the laugh until you cry moment each week.

Tips from Blue Cross & Blue Shield:

  • BCBS: Limit the holiday treats you enjoy. Don’t eat too many sugary sweets.
      • ME: For love of all things holy – you shouldn’t be eating sweets.  Moderation – there is nothing wrong with a sliver of pie or half of a cookie.

  • BCBS: If going to a holiday party or restaurant, find out what’s on the menu ahead of time and decide what you’re going to eat.
    • ME: Who in the hell has time for this? You are an intelligent human being. Just don’t order Fettuccine Alfredo.
  • BCBS: Eat a reasonable, healthy meal before a holiday dinner so you can make good decisions and refrain from overeating.
    • ME: Really???? Eat a meal before having dinner??? Be mindful and control the desire to load your plate with heavy carbs instead of leafy greens. Should you really be concerned, feel free to offend your loved ones by bringing a few healthy sides to share.

Do you have a tip that is not ridiculous?  Please share in the comment box below.

Check out, Food Rules by Michael Pollan, for healthy tips. CLICK HERE to purchase via the DDG – we get a few bucks kicked back our way.

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