Tuesday Topic: Holy Digits

BG Test

I’ve been pool side or in the ocean for a good part of the summer. Life is good. Last weekend, I was hanging with my women’s group (think book club with no books) in one of their pools and after four hours of sun bathing, fruit and cocktails, we moved to the hot tub.  As most PWDs know, the hot tub is a taboo area in our world.  I love the bubbly hot water and can’t help myself.  While relaxing the muscles in somewhat steamy water, I happened to notice my wrinkly digits. They’re never pretty, but my tips seemed to be more frightening than the others. Upon close inspection, we realized my calloused fingers were not from working in the yard or weight lifting…. it was a war zone of finger pricks!

Holy Fingers

This poolside discovery has sparked a number of thoughts. What else about my body is due to diabetes that I have considered normal?  Only in creating the DDG have thoughts of “WOW – I am different” surfaced. I would love to hear from fellow diabetics as to similar discoveries.

I would like it noted – I’m totally at peace with being different. I guess the lack of acknowledging how my body works differently kind of shocked me. You learn something new about yourself every day should you be open to new thoughts.

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