Tuesday Topic: How Much Does Our Blood Sugar Matter?

Does Blood Sugar Matter?

Yes. It matters. It runs us. We live that number. We feel that number. We basically are that number.

Could something else matter more thought? I think so. Have we been deceived the whole time? Not exactly. To explain, I’ll use a situation:

You wake up. Test your blood sugar. 207. You take a unit to correct, go out for a run, and blend up your superfood something smoothie. Before drinking more antioxidants than the average McDonald’s serves in a year, you test your sugar. Now it’s 102, an hour after you first tested. Usually you’d take 3 units for this many carbs in your smoothie if your blood sugar is in range. Let’s say you take your usual 3 units. Lo and behold, 30 minutes later you’re sitting at 65. Not ideal.

Let’s rewind. You test and it’s 102. You know that you usually take 3 units for those smoothie carbs. You also know that you still have insulin in your system. You also realize that exercise can have lasting effects. You take 1 unit. 2 hours later you test your blood sugar and it’s sitting at 130. Ideal.

What’s the difference? Let’s call it trend management. You know that there’s more going on in your body’s system than just that number. That glucose number is always changing. If that trend is steep, like the trend in the situation above, it might be wise to recognize the trend and go with it.

Is it possible that recognizing the trend is even more important than knowing the number? I think it deserves equal consideration.

Thoughts on trend management? Shout it out below!

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