Is Diabetes Screwing Up Your Sex Life?

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The DDG is getting personal – How is your sex life and does diabetes make things difficult between the sheets? As PWDs, we’re flooded with all things doom and gloom concerning possible complications due to this ridiculous disease. I came across an article that brought to light the “worst case scenarios” diabetes can bring into the bedroom.  I’m saving you some awkward research by listing a few articles with cliff notes addressing what PWDs might face when they decide to jump in the sack.

  • Your Sex Life with Diabetes – American Diabetes Association.  “One of the biggest sexual problems men with diabetes face is the inability to have an erection, also called erectile dysfunction (ED). Nerves can play a role in erection inability as well. If your brain isn’t properly communicating with the nerves in your sexual organs, your body might not be able to transport blood there, blocking the ability for an erection.This can also affect your capability to keep an erection, as there must also be communication to hold blood in the penis.”
    • Gentlemen – This should be a HUGE motivator to keep your blood sugar under control.
  • Diabetes and Sex – “Hypoglycemia can occur during sex. You may also suffer from a night time hypo as the physical exertions of sex mean that in some ways it makes sense to treat intercourse in a similar way to exercise. However, testing before and after ‘getting it on’ may not help in setting the right mood(!). How you handle blood sugars around sex will come down to personal preference.  If you have an understanding partner it certainly helps, but how you handle things yourself is also key.”
    • The average person is probably focusing on all things birth control, but you might have to sneak in a quick finger stick and down some Gatorade should you hope for a long night.
  • How Diabetes Affects Sexual Function – diabetic lifestyle. “More research has been done on T1D women than T2Ds.  However, research completed does show that T2D women are more likely to experience some sort of dysfunction.  Participants reported less sexual desire, less satisfaction, more avoidance of sex, difficulty with lubrication, and fewer orgasms. Researchers postulated that these T2D women had more neurovascular problems, which would account for lubrication difficulties. Now the good news – More than 60% of women in the study did not report any dysfunction.”
    • Woohoo for the T1D women.

Everyone deserves a fun-filled, adventurous sex life, but as someone living with diabetes, this can be a challenge. The DDG is here for Real Support For The Diabetes Life so we want to hear from you. Your ANONYMOUS story about how a romp in the hay went haywire because of your diabetes could help someone else through an incredibly awkward situation.  We promise not to share them with your mom.

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2 thoughts on “Is Diabetes Screwing Up Your Sex Life?

    • Thank you Kelly for the message. I thought it was important to write on this subject because many of might not realize that a problem in the bedroom can be related to diabetes. I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer, but your endocrinologist doesn’t bring it up unless you do and who wants to admit there might be a problem?

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