Tuesday Topic: The Great Lancet Debate

Lancet Bowl

Diabetes folks are frequently asked, “Does that hurt?” after we prick our fingers. Well… yes and no. Once you’ve stuck yourself 87,000 times (a figure calculated by the high school Algebra class I taught in 2013-14), the pain of the stick can be coolly dismissed by a simple “I’m used to it”. When the pain exits the familiar experience and enters the realm of pain experienced when the nurses test my sugar, that’s when I usually switch lancets.

As I ponder my own lancet history, I am not proud. Not one bit. I have found lancet devices from previous test machines in the floorboard of my car and subsequently tested my sugar with said device. In college, I may have only switched out lancets after losing the entire testing bag ( a once frequent occurrence).

All that being said, the How Often Should I Change My Lancet? article written by Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe.com changed my tune. Once her bulk of evidence entered my psyche, I had no choice but to consider switching everyday.

I am a new man. Now, I am going to switch lancets more often than I change my car’s oil.

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