Tuesday Topic: The State Of My Diabetes Style

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Spring has sprung so it’s time to ditch the tights & cardigans and pull out the summer attire. For the average person, it’s probably not a concern, but for me this time of year brings on a little anxiety. I give injections so there is somewhat of a battle field of bruises on my arms and thighs. This made me think – has diabetes altered my sense of style?

  • Shorts – I don’t wear them and probably haven’t since high school. Bruises on my thighs don’t look too hot, but a good tan does help camouflage them.

  • Tanks or Sleeveless Dresses – I would say my upper arms are covered about 90% of the time unless I’m headed to the pool. Same scenario as my legs – bruises. I’m incredibly careful with my “shooting up” zones if a special event is on the calendar.
  • Exposed Mid- Drift ShirtsJust kidding.  No one over the age of 12 should be wearing one.
  • Shoes – I’m not going to lie, it would take a LOT, and I mean a LOT to prevent me from purchasing a pair of shoes that I like, but I do have a few theories to consider.
    • Are they too tight on my toes? – I carry flip flops and only wear painful shoes when I have to.
    • How long will I have to stand in them? – This helps determine the size of the heel.
    • Will I be walking anywhere?  – Stock up on bandaids.
    • Does the shoe make the outfit vs. how uncomfortable it is? – I might be willing to suffer for a short period of time.
  • Purses (more specifically the dainty clutch you want to rock at a social event) – It must be large enough to house my tester and other diabetes stuff. No mini Louis Vuitton in the future.
Diabetes Purse                                                                                  This fabulous bag carries my tester and insulin.  Rather large, but super cute.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear what I want and don’t put too much energy into the diabetes crap, but it is something I have to consider every once in awhile. Does diabetes affect your sense of style or prevent you from purchasing the latest trend?  The DDG would love to hear your thoughts so drop us a comment below or post them on the DDG Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Topic: The State Of My Diabetes Style

  1. Style isn’t just for the ladies. I have a few thoughts myself:
    – I don’t put in sites in my stomach anymore. Too many scars and I just find that the hips are more comfortable.
    – With a pump, it’s all about the pockets. Never put the pump in a front pocket. That’s purely reserved for the phone. My pump owns my back right pocket in jeans, shorts, slacks, etc.
    – I don’t wear it on a clip. Period.

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