TBT: What “Real Life” Questions Would You Ask A Famous T1D

Halle Berry

I came across an article about famous folks who are fellow passengers on the T1D train. The story focused on their diagnosis and raising $$$ for ? charity. Kudos for using fame to increase funding and awareness! As I wrapped up the article, my mind wandered… If given the chance to sit across from a T1D celeb, what would I want to know about their “real life”?

  • Halle Berry – Actress
      • Do you pick up your own prescriptions? Does your make-up artist cover up bruises from shots? Any suggestions on the best cover-up for this?

  • Bret Michael – Lead Singer for Poison
    • Were any of your drunken moments on Rock of Love diabetes related? When pricking your finger, do you lick excess blood (Ryan style) or wipe it with a tissue? Do you carry your own supplies or does your personal assistant haul your stuff?
  • Anne Rice – Author
    • Hot flashes vs. low blood sugar – which is worse? Have you ever considered a character with diabetes? A T1D vampire kind of makes sense…
  • Crystal Bowersox – American Idol Runner Up
    • Did adrenaline mess with your BG? Have you ever used diabetes as an excuse to opt out of something?
  • Nick Jonas – Multi-platinum selling recording artist, actor and Beyond Type 1 Co-Founder
    • Have you ever let one of your brothers test your BG or give you a shot? What is your carb ratio? Has T1D ever landed you a date?
  • Damon Dash – CEO and Co-Founder of Roc-A-Fella Records
    • Do you test your BG in the board room? What do you keep around for an emergency snack? You should check out the DDG theme song….
  • Sonia Sotomayor – Supreme Court Justice
    • Can you take a break if you feel like your BG is plummeting? What is your daily BG goal?
  • Gary Hall Jr. – Olympic Gold Medalist
    • Did anyone ever tell you you can’t be a competitive swimmer because of T1D? Do you have someone around you when you swim? What is your “go to” low BG snack when working out in the pool?

I’m well aware a few of these questions might be ridiculous, but am a firm believer in the DDG’s mission to offer real support for the diabetes life. Until I met Ryan, I never talked about the disease. Being open about the shitshow of all things diabetes has been wonderful. Knowledge is power! If given the opportunity – what would you ask a famous person living with diabetes?  Drop your questions in the comment box below or post it on the DDG Facebook page.

Who knows, we might create a diabetes talk show….

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