Tuesday Topic: Why Do I Care When Someone Says Diabeetus?

Brimley Comparison                                                                                              Image taken from Brimley’s Instagram.

Saturday night I happened upon a ridiculous show on Animal Planet, America’s Next Cat Star where Brimley was in the final round of contenders. The judges referenced the striking resemblance the cat had to Wilford Brimley. The first thing that popped to mind – Diabeetus, not his accomplished years as an actor. It made me think – why do I feel the need to correct someone when they say “diabeetus”?

Kid President’s YouTube video addressing the Diabetes – Diabeetus controversy is a good lead into this Tuesday Topic.

I find myself correcting folks (literally my own parents) on a regular basis and probably come across as offended, but at the end of the day, who the hell cares? In fact, according to dictionary.com, the most referenced combos can be pronounced either way.  Who knew?

  • Diabetes vs. Diabeetus
    • [dahy-uhbee-tis, -teez]
  • Potato vs. Potata
    • [puhtey-toh, -tuh]
  • Washer vs. Warsher
    • [wosh-er, waw-sher]

So today I declare to take it down a notch when someone rambles diabeetus. It might take years, but I’m willing to try to keep my thoughts on this topic to myself. I’ll save the diabetes arguments for bigger topics. I hope this one last look at Brimley will be a great start to your day.


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