Tuesday Topic: Will Sugaring or Waxing Throw My Diabetes Management For A Loop?


Summer is upon us so it’s time to consider some much needed and dreaded body maintenance. The annual ritual came up after a vigorous attempt at tennis with a dear friend. We both enjoy our unfiltered discussions so of course waxing was the first item on the body maintenance to do list. The conversation took a new angle this year – waxing vs. sugaring? Sugaring is a foreign concept so she explained it’s actually a blend of natural ingredients with no chemical additives and is gentler, safer, and a more progressive method of hair removal. After she described the process, we both looked at each other and said – “Could sugaring or waxing effect my diabetes?”

The answer is undoubtedly NO, but it did make me ponder how this invasive, somewhat painful process could throw my diabetes for a loop. As a T1D, I have a few things to consider when rolling into the spa…

  • Will my anxiety about the procedure spike my BG?
    • Probably, but I’ll deal with the highs and lows should they creep in.
  • As a T1D, am I more prone to ingrown hairs?
    • No need to freak out – it has never been a problem before.
  • Will it be harder for me to heal if I get an ingrown hair?
    • I doubt it. ++ vibes to the Universe I won’t have to find out.
  • Word on the street – diabetics have drier skin so will exfoliation be harder for me?
    • Not as long as I actually do it.

At the end of the day, I’ll walk out of the spa with unwanted hair removed and will be diligent in keeping a closer eye on my BG. The average person only fears utter humiliation, but we have another layer to peel back before we drop our robe. As a T1D, this dreaded day of body maintenance is a reminder that I unconsciously consider anything and everything that could throw off my quest for blood sugar domination. No worries – off to the spa….

Future Post = Waxing vs. Finger Pricks – which one hurts worse?

Have a similar story to share? I would LOVE to know I’m not alone so drop your ridiculous story in the comment box below or on the DDG Facebook page.

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