Unintentionally Sleep Walking Through My Diabetes Management

Sleep Walking

I’m a creature of habit with my diabetes regimen and most definitely when it comes to my 5:41am Lantus injection, but last week things did not go according to plan. It was just like any other night, I headed to bed and by the time my head hit the pillow, I was dreaming of  hosting my own reality TV series. I usually get up around 3am to pee and feel pretty awake as I navigate my way to the restroom. This particular morning, my “Give Your Shot” alarm went off, but when I stumbled into the restroom – I knew something was off.

I understand that giving a shot while somewhat asleep might be frowned upon by the medical community, but I’ve had a solid system in place for years. I leave the used pin needle (in it’s packaging) on the side of the sink so when I actually get up to start my day, it’s a friendly reminder I’ve given my Lantus. So when I noticed the pin needle was already there, I had to stop and think – which can be quite challenging at that hour. I double checked the clock to confirm it was 5:41am and sure enough it was. What was going on? I took a deep breath and chose to have faith that I shot up (the correct dosage) in my sleep.

A few hours later I test my BG before eating breakfast and everything seemed to be fine. I went about my day and came to the conclusion I must have sleep walked and gave my shot during my middle of the night pee break. My numbers weren’t wonky the next day so I settled back into the the daily grind.

Well, apparently the stress of helping a friend open a new gallery and other random adventures continued to throw me off because a few day later – it happened again. I can say with all honesty, this has only happened a handful of times throughout my 32+ years living with the disease. What was it about this particular week that changed my internal “diabetes” clock? Who knows. I might not ever understand why this happened, but life is once again back to normal and I’m hoping for the best.

Have you ever experienced a similar sleep walking episode? I would love to hear your story in the comment box below.

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