Walgreens Worked a Wonder

Insulin at the pharmacy

No, I have not been paid off. No, I am not in the pockets of big pharma. No, I do not purchase all prescriptions from Walgreens. Yet, my perspective on pharmacy refills took a turn for the grateful last week with the singular effort of one pharmacist.

In accordance with a common theme, I was looking to pickup a prescription right as I need it. Picking up a prescription early has never crossed my mind. Due to some insulin resistance from scar tissue (referenced here), I made the switch back to the pens (Lantus and Novolog). When I called Walgreens expecting it to be ready within the next hour, relayed to me was the news that each prescription would be costing $150 under my coverage (BCBS Oklahoma under HealthCare.gov).

The news was received as a bitter bummer. Right after she told me the cost I commented, “This new HealthCare.gov plan is really kicking my ass.” I said it light-heartedly and she responded with a cordial laugh. Then, she let out a surprise, “There might be a coupon I can look up for both of these.” This pharmacist then filled out two coupons for me, through online forms, over the next 30 minutes on the phone. I ended up qualifying for a 50% discount on both!

Her patience, her compassion, and general understanding of what we deal with at the pharmacy, made a huge impact. She just cared. When I picked up the prescription five minutes before closing time, she met me at the window where I expressed many thank yous. She simply smiled and said, “This is my job.”

If you live in OKC, head over to 2400 N. May. They care.

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