Whip It Together Stir Fry Recipe


I do my best to prepare meals that will stretch a few days since I’m single person on the go. This week I was bored with the usual go to meals so I pulled out the wok and started emptying out the fridge. Found items include portobello mushrooms, a chicken breast, a yellow onion and broccoli. Let’s do this. 

  • I start with a little olive or coconut oil (same stuff I use in my coffee) – just a dab over medium heat.
  • Dice chicken breast from Whole Foods (No antibiotics, physical alterations, supplemental growth hormones or animal byproducts in feed) into bite size pieces and toss into wok
  • Chop up a yellow onion and as much garlic as you desire and add to chicken
  • Add a little low sodium soy sauce or Bragg Liquid Aminos and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.  Cover and stir every once in a while.
    • Toss in some red pepper should you want a little more heat
    • Feel free to substitute tofu or alternative meat options
  • While chicken is cooking, wash and scrape out black stuff from portobello mushrooms.
    • Dice into bite size pieces
  • Wash and dice broccoli.  *My goal is to have more greenery than meat.
  • Once the chicken is thoroughly cooked, throw in the veggies.  Add a bit more Bragg Liquid Aminos and Sriracha.
  • Cover and toss every few minutes.
  • I like my broccoli to no longer crunch so when it looks a little soggy I remove it from heat.
  • Toss a scoop or two onto brown rice or a noodle of your choice. YUM.
    • Should you want to cut out the carbs – add your concoction to a bed of greens.

Stir fry is really hard to mess up so get crazy and add whatever you have in the fridge. Enjoy!

Stir Fry Close Up

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