Zen and the Art of Diabetes Management, Part I

Zen and the Art of Diabetes Management

I’ll admit that I could be more without diabetes. Not acknowledging that, to be blunt, is ignorant. Don’t mistake me, I subscribe to the power of positive thinking, knowing that it improves the quality of each moment. However, I will not use that methodology to convince myself that my life is better with the disease.

Diabetes is a grind, never ceasing. Yet, it’s forged who we are. Most of us will give it responsibility for great things in our lives. Still though, deep down, on occasion or daily, we ask the question, “Could we be more without it?” Being content knowing that we could, that’s the Zen in diabetes.

Letting go of that truth is power. That’s the advantage we own. We know we’re immortal. Most people roam around the planet aiming for perfection. We see through that delusion. We’ve had awkward convos due to being low. We’ve taken cloudy-eyed tests while high. We’ve said something we regret, something we may never be forgiven for, because we’re low.

There are days that really suck because of diabetes. On the good days, more often that not, we cruise along and think we actually own the disease. Every moment, and life, is impermanent. It flows back and forth. That shouldn’t surprise us, yet it does each time we see a high blood sugar.

Life is hard. Life is wonderful. Our life just happens to involve this diabetes thing. Everyone has a thing–at least we know ours. Is that a gift? I’d like to think so.

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